Logie Coldstone Village Hall

Logie Coldstone Village Hall was officially re-opened in December 2013 on completion of a large-scale refurbishment programme that took more than 2 years and a great deal of hard work, patience, fund-raising and generosity.

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 Logie Coldstone Hall was built in 1897 on land donated by Mr William Bachelor Coltman, Esquire, of Deskry and was extended in the 1950s when a wooden annexe was built.

It is currently mananged by the Logie Coldstone Trust, which oversaw a fundemental renovation project which completed in 2013. It is available for hire to individuals and to groups.

Logie Coldstone Village - A Brief Hall History


Logie Coldstone Hall was built on land donated by Mr William Bachelor Coltman, Esquire, of Deskry.

The cost of the building was paid for by public subscription, including a donation of £50 made by the Cromar Wrights Society, who had therefore certain rights and privileges when the hall began to operate


The hall was extended with a wooden annexe


The hall was taken over by the Logie Coldstone Welfare Trust, which was registered as a Charity and managed by Logie Coldstone Public Hall Association


The hall was refurbished, paid for by local subscription and grant funding

by 2003

The hall, which was not being used to its full capacity at that time, was again in need of major repair; mainly demolition and rebuild of the annexe and some structural repairs to the main hall.

January 2004

A Public Meeting was held with the support of the local Council of Voluntary Services and the Marr Area Partnership to make the community of Logie Coldstone aware of the need for investigating the feasibility of re-developing the hall. The association enlisted a larger committee of 12 and work began to raise the awareness of the community for the need to work together to decide what to do with the Hall to the best advantage for the community

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