Where is Logie Coldstone?

The parish of Logie Coldstone (Scottish Gaelic: Lògaidh) is in Aberdeenshire, north of the River Dee, 3 miles west of Tarland in the Cromar. It is in a basin of land cut out of the Grampian foothills between Aboyne and Ballater.

History of Logie Coldstone

Early in the 17th century the parishes of Logie (or Logie-Mar) and Coldstone were united to form Logie Coldstone. 
The village kirk ("Newkirk of Logie Coldstone") was built in 1781 and extended in 1876. It was converted to a private residence in 1993. 
The village has a war memorial dedicated to 27 men who fell in the First World War and 5 who fell on the Second World War. It was erected outside the kirk, which is now a private residence.


The National Grid Reference: NJ 4342 0441 
The parish is an irregular shape, in some parts 5 miles east-to-west and less than 7 miles north-to-south. 
The area is surrounded by hills to the north, with Morven standing at 871 m (2858 ft) above sea level to the west. 
Farming and woodland dominates the area. 
The village that is often referred to as Logie Coldstone, covering Homehead to the west and Poldhu to the east, is more correctly called Newkirk. It encompasses the primary school and the former kirk.

What Happens in Logie Coldstone

We have an excellent Village Hall that has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment. It is available for booking, and hosts a number of regular and occasional events.

There is also a small and vibrant primary school for children aged 5 – 12 (P1 – P7).