Logie Coldstone Trust

The objects of the Company are the advancement of citizenship and community development by the promotion of the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Logie Coldstone and District, by associating the local authorities, voluntary organisations and residents in a common effort to promote social activities and to foster community spirit.

The maintenance and management of the Logie Coldstone Public Hall for activities promoted by the Company and its constituent bodies and to carry out any extension of the premises or facilities provided, which may at any time seem necessary or desirable.

Since 2004 the committee have undertaken a considerable amount of research into the state of the hall, and into the aspirations of the community for its future use.

The committee wished to ensure that any proposed hall redevelopment was sustainable in terms of the physical building, the adjacent external environment and in economic and social terms.

Accordingly a feasibility study was commissioned in 2008 to examine the overall sustainability of redeveloping the hall. Following that, because of the looming financial crisis and difficulty in getting large amounts of funding for village hall building work, it was decided to improve the hall in small manageable steps as could be afforded while all the while working on increasing community involvement.

This continued until December 2011 when a substantial amount of ceiling plaster in the main hall fell down leading to closure of the main hall which in turn led to the committee seeking funding to repair and improve the building. As ever, funders are not interested in repairs and the committee were at this point encouraged to seek funding for a major refurbishment of the main hall with an emphasis on energy efficiency and benefit for the community. All the previous research done came in very useful at this point and by winter 2012-13 enough funding had been raised to start a major refurbishment. Architect Andrew Keir and main contractor Gordon Coutts were appointed to do the work and the 'Logie Coldstone Hall - New Lease of Life' project got underway. The hall was officially reopened on 7th December 2013 with the main hall now a warm, welcoming and bright place - a pleasure to use and manage. Funding was also sought in late 2013 for portable staging and the 'Stage for the Future' project successfully came to a conclusion in spring 2014 with the acquisition of a new flexible and easy to manage stage.

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